“Growing Greener” with Geothermal

reflections-1287317_960_720Harley Dawn Diner is “growing greener” once again at our unique location in the heart of the protected Jersey Pinelands.  Our new building will incorporate an open loop geothermal HVAC system to heat & cool, complimenting our existing solar electric installation.  The surrounding Pinelands protect a 17 trillion gallon aquifer deep below of the purest water in the country.  Our open loop geothermal heating & cooling system sustainably “taps” into the aquifer by using its constant temperature as a natural energy source.  The system simply transfers heat from the earth to the building in winter and in summer, moves heat from the building back to the earth, leaving water quality unaffected.  This process gets an assist from “homegrown” electricity generated from the sun via our “backyard” solar array, completing our clean and green power supply!  No fossil fuels are used, reducing the carbon emission of the building and respecting the ecosystem that supports and nurtures the source of the wonderful ingredients used in our kitchen daily.  To learn more about how geothermal systems work, click on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9DP6v0IW1k