Going Green

For the past 20 years, Chef David has consistently created simply delicious, authentic and freshly prepared food using high quality ingredients, including local produce when in season, that has exceeded our guests’ expectations and keep them returning for the exceptional value.  We acknowledge our guests want to understand and connect with where their food originates and how it’s prepared, including how that preparation affects the environment we live in.

Our commitment to fully embrace a green and environmentally sustainable building began over 4 years ago with the completion of our solar installation that generates 100% of our current electric usage.  “Homegrown” electricity generated cleanly by the sun in our own “backyard” eliminates the need for a utility to burn air polluting fossil fuels and also substantially reduces our operational costs.  This allows us to keep the value focused on the high quality food where it belongs and increases sustainability, both messages that resonate with our guests.

With our new building, we will continue tapping into the synergy of authentic food, environmental sustainability and coupled with our unique location in the heart of the Pinelands, deliver an exceptional high value dining experience our guests won’t soon forget.  Stay tuned for more and watch us grow ‘greener’!