New! General Store for May 24th

Checking off the shopping list these days can be challenging… grocery and cleaning items especially. Well we asked and you answered! Based on our communities’ response, we’ve curated a “General Store” chock full of the things that might make your social distancing life easier. From fresh meats and produce, dairy and eggs to baking needs, paper products and cleaning supplies, we have what you need right in the neighborhood.

Stop by or give us a call at (609)567-6084 Wednesday thru Saturday 11 am – 7pm, Sunday 9am – 6pm to place your take out order for curbside pick up. We also have our full food menu available along with a great selection of local wines, beer and distilled spirits by the bottle. Don’t forget to ask about our homemade pies, cakes and ice cream flavors to sweeten your day as well!

Our wine offerings include:

Heritage Winery (Mullica Hill,NJ) “Jersey” line including Red, White, Blush, Apple, Blueberry or Peach

Valenzano Winery (Shamong, NJ) Old Indian Mills Blend (red), Vidal Blanc, Chardonnay

Dimatteo Vineyards (Hammonton, NJ) Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pasquale Red, Cranberry, Jersey White

All 3 of the above wineries are $15 per bottle

You can “Mix & Match” any Heritage “Jersey” wines 3 for $35 OR any 2 bottles from the above list for $25.

Limited exclusives from Coda Rossa Winery (Franklinville, NJ) If you prefer dry reds try “1526” or “Ameritage”, if dry white is your style, try the unexpected “Reisling”. All $22 per bottle.

Limited & unique Mead (3 different varieties) from Valenzano Winery also for $15 per bottle (but excluded from special deals). Mead is legendary as the world’s original alcoholic drink distilled from honey, sweet and best served ice cold! Valenzano uses local Jersey honey to produce their 3 Mead varieties available: YellowJacket (blended with Blackberry wine, aged in Brandy barrels), Golden Lore (Wildflower Honey) and Pale Moonlight (vanilla bean & orange zest, aged in Bourbon barrels).

Share the news about food take out and the General Store at Harley Dawn Diner with your friends, family and neighbors. We’ll be posting here on “What’s New” daily with an updated list of products available. We can’t wait to serve you! Here’s today’s offerings:

Item                                 Qty   Price


LOCAL HONEY  Sm Muth Jar  4.75


CARROTS                        5 LB  3.50


ROMAINE                         PACK   3.50


Whole MILK                      GL    3.75


HEAVY CREAM               QT     5.00


BUTTER                            LB    3.00




CHEDDAR                        LB    4.25


SWISS                               LB   3.50


MOZZARELLA                 LB    3.50


EGGS                                DZ   1.50


NATURAL CHIC BRST      LB     4.50


BACON                           2LB    8.00


FLOUR                          5 LB    4.75


SUGAR                           5LB    5.25


PROVOLONE                  LB      3.50


CHOCOLATE CHIPS       LB       6.00


OATMEAL                      LB       5.00

TOMATO JUICE            EACH   5.00

APPLE JUICE               EACH   5.00

Black Nitrile Gloves        BX        7.50

Bleach                               GL       3.25

Spray disinfectant         EACH   7.50

Table turner wipes         PACK   7.50

Disinfectant Wipes        EACH    7.50

Paper towel roll              EACH  1.25


Toilet paper roll              EACH    .85


STRAWBERRIES           LB       5.00


GREEN PEPPERS         LB       2.00